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On the Ranch

The exotic game on the ranch predominantly consists of African species.  Our land and climate are very similar to the parts of Africa in which many of these animals naturally occur.   The family has made several trips to Africa and hunted these species in their natural habitat. They have also visited several facilities in South Africa to better understand the various techniques for raising these species.   Trophy quality is of the utmost importance and all of these species are managed for excellent trophy quality.

A large part of managing these species includes ensuring that only mature males are harvested. The largest problem with trophy quality on game ranches today is the harvest  of animals that have not yet reached thier full potential. We take pride in the fact that the animals we harvest are mature and have reached thier full trophy potential. As a result of our genetics and management practices we are harvesting some of the largest exotic trophies in Texas.

Each year a limited number of breeding females are collected and sold from each of our species. These animals are sold as stockers to other ranches. Star S Ranch is continually in the market for high quality exotics to increase the quality of our exotic species. Our exceptional trophy quality has increased the demand for our breeding females.

We have limited numbers of these species for sale:

Sable, Kudu, Gemsbok, & Scimitar Horned Oryx

For more information call:

Eric White @ 830-285-8753 or


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Some of Species We Hunt