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Exotic & African Game Hunts

Our trophy quality is second to none. The species we have introduced are of the highest quality. We have also paid particular attention to the purity of our species. Star S Ranch is one of the only ranches in the country where pure Alpine Ibex, Markhor, and Nubian Ibex can be hunted. The terrain is ideal for these species and they have done exceptionally well.

There are multiple breeding herds of Gemsbok on the ranch. The bulls we harvest are huge; many of our bulls will measure over 40 inches. 

Our Kudu are also of the highest quality and our bulls will typically measure more than 50 inches with some as large as 57 inches.  We harvest mature bulls and with our genetics this makes for exceptional trophies.

We have a very limited number of Sable bulls available for harvest. The Sable we harvest are exceptional trophies and our breeder bulls come from stock larger than 45 inches. We have two brood bulls that were sired by a 47 inch bull.   Genetics like these allow us to harvest excellent sable.

Particular care is taken to ensure quality genetics in all our species. We find this is the surest way to harvest exceptional animals. Whether it is management through culling, quality feed, or introduction of superior bloodlines we actively pursue the best trophy quality in all our species.