Price List

Hunter Daily rate$1,000 for 3 days/2 nights-additional days at $300/day
Observer Daily Rate$500 for 3 days/2nights-additional days at $175/day
Trophy Alpine Ibex HuntsN/A
Trophy Aoudad Hunts4,250
Trophy Axis Deer Hunts$3,250
Trophy Bison Hunts$5,250
Trophy Blackbuck Hunts$3,000
Trophy Blesbok Hunts$5,750
Trophy Bongo Hunts$35,000
Trophy Dama Gazelle Hunts$7,250
Trophy Eland Hunts$7,000
Trophy Fallow Deer Hunts$4,250
Trophy Gemsbok Hunts$5,250
Trophy Grant’s Zebra Hunts$5,250
Trophy Impala Hunts$5,250
Trophy Kudu Hunts$16,000 50"+ (if over 60", the price is $19,500)
Trophy Mouflon Sheep Hunts$4,750
Trophy Nubian Ibex Hunts$17,500
Trophy Nyala Hunts$12,500
Trophy Red Sheep Hunts$3,000
Trophy Roan Antelope HuntsN/A
Trophy Sable Bull Hunts$16,000 40"+, $19,500 if 45"+
Trophy Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts$4,000
Trophy Sitatunga Hunts$12,500
Trophy White Bearded Wildebeest Hunts$5,750
Trophy Whitetail Hunts - 200’ to 250”$12,500
Trophy Whitetail Hunts - 250” to 300”$17,500
Trophy Whitetail Hunts - 300” and up$25,000
Trophy Whitetail Hunts - up to 170”$5,000
Trophy Whitetail Hunts -170” to 200”$8,500
Youth Hunts-for deer up to 150” when hunting with trophy Hunter$2,500

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