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Blesbok Antelope are native to South Africa where they prefer the open plains. The name Blesbok is Afrikans for Blaze (Bles) Buck (Bok) due to the white blaze down the front of their head. They were nearly hunted to extinction over 100 years ago for their meat and hide which is red to black and quite unique. They are not overly common in Texas but reproduce well in the wild. We have a herd of opproximately 40 animals and you will usually find them in open fields. The bulls are very territorial and will have as many as 20 females in a group. They are a medium sized antelope weighing about 150 pounds and both males and females will have horns from 14-17” at maturity. The bulls horns are easily identifiable as they are much heavier.

Our hunting styles vary as to method of take and time of year. Most of our guides are not only experienced hunting locally, but have international hunting experience as well. We primarily hunt safari style, glassing hill sides and valleys. When they are deep in the brush, we will stalk ridges and glass. For bow hunters, it is usually a matter of sitting and patience. We limit our hunting, only taking a few mature bulls per year. We are not going to hunt a bull until he has reached his maximum size. Because of our management and breeding success, Star S Ranch has record class trophy hunting.

You will be staying in our new 7,000 foot Hunter’s Lodge which was complete the summer of 2014. The main lodge includes 32 foot ceilings with black walnut walls covered with trophies from around the world. A granite bar top and service area is perfect for relaxing and telling hunting stories. The back porch overlooks a lake where it is not uncommon to see Sable Antelope, Kudu, Axis Deer, and Whitetail Deer drinking water. There are 4 casitas with 2 queen sized beds and a private living room. One room and the lodge and surroundings are wheel chair accessible so all can enjoy the facilities and outdoors. Additionally, you can fly your plane into our 5,000 foot paved Star S Airport which is located in the middle of the ranch. At Star S Ranch, you will find all the amenities needed for a Corporate Retreat built around the wildlife and hunting loved by the avid hunter.

If you are looking for a true Trophy Kudu hunting experience with world record quality kudu, privacy, tremendous facilities, an experienced friendly staff, and among the simplest, fairest pricing in the industry, the 14,000 acre Star S Ranch should be on your short list. For other hunting opportunities, also look at Texas Whitetail Hunts, Texas Exotic Hunts, and Texas African Game Hunts. Book your hunt today by calling us at (830) 285-8753 or sending us an email.

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