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We are now booking Texas Whitetail hunts dates for 2016-2017 Whitetail Season.

Star S Ranch has been managing our whitetail since 1996. We expect most of our deer at maturity to be over 170”. Many will grow horns in excess of 220”. Our emphasis has been width and frames. Deer that don’t show us those genetics are never allowed to breed. Most of our genetics are from 300” deer with widths of 30” or more .All of our deer are produced naturally in the pasture with our superior genetics or are products of our deer breeding program. Our trophy whitetail are hunted in 2,000 acres of the 14,000 acre ranch with the best feed and natural browse. We take great care not to overstock our habitat in order to maintain superior horns and body size.

Trophy Whitetail Deer hunting on the Star S Ranch is known for huge deer at very reasonable prices. You will never be crowded like so many commercial operations today. Additionally, you will only be hunting on our ranch-no traveling from place to place. The deer you will be hunting were born and bred on the Star S Ranch. The ranch is set up for bow hunting, cross bow hunting, rifle hunting, and even pistol hunting. Our guides have years of experience hunting whitetail deer and non-native species in Texas and Africa. The atmosphere is exclusive, yet relaxed. Trophy Whitetail are priced in 25 inch increments because we like hunting, not looking through the binoculars while adding on a calculator.

You will be staying in our brand new 7,000 square foot Hunter’s Lodge featuring granite bar tops, black walnut walls, and 4 casitas featuring private living rooms and 12 foot ceilings. You will experience wild herds of sable, kudu, and whitetail deer drinking from the lake at the foot of the porch. Additionally, we have the Star S Ranch Private Airport; a private paved 5,000 foot runway on the ranch. Star S ranch is the perfect destination for both the avid hunter looking for a fair chase hunting experience as well as families and corporate retreats.

If you are looking for a true Trophy Texas Whitetail hunting experience with big deer, privacy, tremendous facilities, an experienced friendly staff, and among the simplest, fairest pricing in the industry, the 14,000 acre Star S Ranch should be on your short list.

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