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Whitetail Breeding

Our goal is to breed huge whitetail deer to stock the ranch. We have acquired some of the best genetics in Texas to produce high scoring whitetails. We breed first and foremost for huge frame deer. Width, tine length, and mass are the traits we look for in our deer. We like wide deer and this is apparent in the deer we have chosen to breed.  Most of our doe are artificially inseminated to deer that are 30 inches wide.  Each fall we artificially inseminate our does to bucks that score a minimum of 240 B&C, and some in excess of 300 B&C.    We believe that quality doe are the number one factor in breeding exceptional deer.  Our doe pedigrees include names like Double Drop, Daggertine, Bones, Dr. D, Bambi 727, Gladiator, and Highlander.  All of our fawns are DNA tested to confirm lineage.

All of our deer have DNAS numbers controlled through NADR.