Ranch Story

Star S Ranch is a short chapter in a long book of Texas’ history. The ranch is bordered by six miles of the James River and The Blue Mountains. It is located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country with elevations ranging from 1700’ to 2200’. You will find a variety of uniquely rich and diverse geology in this region, which is the key to Star S Ranch’s varied habitat.

The James River and Blue Mountains soil is composed mostly of red sand, mimicking the conditions one would find in Africa. It’s fertility is composed of numerous types of acacia bushes, mesquite, and thick native grass. This region has been used for travel since the early 1500s as a route to reach Santa Fe from San Antonio.Based on the vast amount of middens, it is evident there were buffalo, bears, and other species roaming the area.

The area surrounding the James River was first inhibited by Captain Charles Armand Schneider, who purchased what became James River Ranch where he raised cattle and later added sheep and angora goats to the ranch. The Scott Family purchased part of James River Ranch in 1996 to fulfill their love and passion for the Texas Hill Country, the outdoors, and wildlife.

The Scott Family started breeding herds of superior Whitetail deer and African exotics.Through their time spent traveling and hunting around the world, they recognized how species were becoming more scare in their native habitats. Considering the similarity in habitats of Texas and the middens that had been found over the years, they knew it was possible to successfully raise and breed these African exotics on their Texas ranch. The Scott Family took a very tedious approach to their breeding methods. They spent time researching breeding tactics and processes in South Africa and applied these principles to building herds of bongo, sable, kudu, gemsbok, dama gazelle, roan, and nubian and alpine ibex. With their offspring they created very large pastures to release the animals into, following both a natural and responsible manner. Star S Ranch also continued to breed and large traditional trophy whitetail deer. Today, it is not uncommon to see a 250”+ deer roaming in the brush, providing some of the best hunting in the world.

The ranch continues to focus on producing the best quality wildlife in Texas utilizing the South African tactics The Scott Family has learned over the years. The family wanted to create a ranch they would want to hunt on. Exhibiting high-quality wildlife in a natural setting is the goal they achieved. A hunt will require a combination of preparation and utilization of our skilled guides to be successful, whether hunting a whitetail deer or a Cape buffalo. Star S Ranch has become a prominent hunting destination for many people around the world without world class facilities and amenities and the tremendous amount of wildlife we have raised and continue to breed.