The Authentic Texas Safari

Star S Ranch is a true Texas Safari. Starting in 1996, the Scott family started with a vision of creating a ranch that incorporated the best of their Texas and African hunting experiences. They currently have acquired 14,000 acres of land along the James River in Mason and Kimble county known for superior grazing and browsing. In short, the goal was creating a place they would want to hunt on. Where the success of the hunt was a measure of skill, knowledge, and patience.

It starts with the wildlife. Dedicated to breeding first, the ranch started acquiring herds of superior Trophy Whitetail Deer genetics and African Wildlife. That means slowly acquiring and breeding the largest animals and releasing their young into pastures of 4,000 acres or more. Currently, more than two decades later, the ranch is home to over 30 species including herds of over 100 Sable antelope, Kudu, and Gemsbok as well as sizeable herds of Markhor, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Dama Gazelle, Alpine and Nubian Ibex, Bongo, Nyala, and Sitatunga just to name a few. These animals roam four pastures from 1,000 acres to over 4,000 acres. It is truly fair chase hunting.

Except for in the Trophy Whitetail Hunting area, the animals solely survive on native browse and grass that mimics much of the vegetation in Southern Africa due to the red, sandy soil found in the James River valley. We believe the reason we are starting to break records is this combination of habitat, allowing animals to live naturally in a natural environment, only breeding to the largest sires, and patiently allowing trophies to grow out to reach their full potential.

The land is the second part of our success. With over 6 miles of the James River running through the ranch in addition to native springs throughout the ranch, water is abundant. As you head west through the ranch, valleys lead to miles of a red, sandy plain covered with native grasses and brush. As you get to the western part of the ranch, the Blue Mountains rise above the plain with hidden valleys of Walnut, Shin Oak, and Live Oak until you reach Monument Mountain, the highest point in Mason County at nearly 2300’. This variety of habitats offers each species both food and cover they would find in their native lands. The Whitetail Deer, Kudu, Bongo, and Nyala prefer the thick brush both for browse and cover from predators. In the open grasslands, you will find herds of Gemsbok, Wildebeest, and Blesbok where they can graze and take advantage of their herds to keep an eye out for danger. As you move into the bluffs and steep valleys along the James River and in the Blue Mountains, you will find brush for Nubian Ibex, Markhor, Aoudad, and Alpine Ibex as well as a vantage point that would make it difficult for a predator to scale.

Lastly are the facilities. Our Hunter’s Lodge, Star S Ranch Airport, and a system of roads and trails were designed for comfort and exclusivity. The Hunter’s Lodge overlooks a water hole where it is common to see herds of Sable Antelope and Kudu drinking water. There are 4 casitas, each with two rooms which has three queen sized beds and an on-suite bathroom with 12-foot ceilings, and are wheel chair accessible to both the main lodge and the land by ramps so all can enjoy the surroundings and facilities.