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Star S Ranch is home to some of the largest herds of African wildlife outside of Africa. Through research and careful selection, your visit to the Star S Ranch will be like not hunting experience you have ever had in North America. You aren’t hunting for 1 or 2 Sable or Kudu. You are hunting for 40 or more bulls in 8,000 acres. If you are Bongo hunting, you may be hunting the same way you would in C.A.R., from “hides” at night. You see, our wildlife is truly wild. They have spent nearly their entire life in the wild, virtually unencumbered by fences. When you sit above the James River, you may think you are overlooking the Limpopo River as Kudu and Sable sneak in for a drink of water before dark. You can watch the bluffs as a herd of Nubian Ibex scale the cliffs on their way to bed down out of reach of coyotes and bobcats. Head across the flat plains and you will see herds of Gemsbok, Wildebeast and Zebra grazing much as you would in Namibia.

It may not be Africa, but as Dick and Mary Cabela said, “The hunting rivals the best hunting we have seen in Southern Africa.” That is what we were working for.

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